Big or small, every project has a budget, a schedule – and a unique vision.  We pay full attention to each of these through a collaborative process that puts your company’s project team at the center. From the first schedule to the final sign-off, our team works closely with you to achieve the project you’ve envisioned from day one.  We start by matching a qualified, experienced Preconstruction Manager to your project.  Once early critical items relating to goals, budget, design, and schedule are clarified, the Preconstruction Manager begins a full preconstruction process.  If any long lead items are required, your Preconstruction Manager orders them now to ensure your schedule stays on track.


Design milestones are determined by the team and tailored to each individual project.  Typically, they can occur during the programming phase, conceptual design, schematic design, final design development and once construction documents are finalized.  We create estimates at each of these milestones, using our experience with similar projects to fine-tune them.

We base program and conceptual estimates on plans, sketches, and needs requirements.  Meeting regularly with the Architect/Engineer team, we ensure that these estimates reflect design intent accurately and thoroughly.

Once design development is underway, our estimator will supplement the original estimate with specialized estimates from approved subcontractors.  With construction documents, the final estimate is developed.  Our estimate template lets the team see clearly how the estimate has evolved to reach the final guaranteed maximum price.


Our team, including our Preconstruction Manager and  Project Manager, reviews plan progress sets for coordination purposes and as an objective check to the design team.  We match design plans with plumbing, mechanical and electrical plans to ensure they are in synch and minimize any conflicting information.  We then help the design team finalize the complete document set to provide a clear baseline for competitive subcontractor bids.


We’ll complete a detailed cost/benefit analysis to compare efficiencies and arrive at the best value for your project based on goals, budget and schedule.  From the start of the budgeting process until we develop a guaranteed maximum price, we continually check our information and figures with owners, architects and subcontractors to reach agreement and clarity.


A thorough building evaluation is an essential part of understanding and planning for construction of new space.  Provident’s team works closely with the real estate and architectural community in the building evaluation process to assess both current and future needs.  

  • Mechanical, electrical and structural systems

  • LEED compliance sustainability issues or opportunities

  • Infrastructure limitations that may affect future growth

  • The presence of potentially hazardous materials


We pre-qualify each subcontractor during a detailed submittal process, reviewing their experience, staff qualifications, financial and insurance information, and current workload.  We have carefully developed our list of outstanding subcontractors and know them well.  Just as we do with our staff, we match individual subcontractors to each project according to their strengths and expertise.  Once we’ve found the best team members, we ask them to submit their bids.


At Provident Construction, we’re prepared to provide our services via the best delivery method for your project.  

  • General Contracting

  • Design/Build

  • Design Assist

  • Construction Management/General Contracting