Since 1988, Provident Construction Company has committed to three guiding principles that have fueled our success and steady growth.  For every client, for every project, we build these values in, from our first estimate to our final punch list item.


At Provident, we believe in:

  • Fair pricing – We know what it will take to get your job done, and done right.  We estimate every job realistically and thoroughly, so there are no surprises along the way.

  • High quality – We build our projects for the long run, with professional installation and sound craftsmanship.  Our clients depend on us for spaces that stand the test of time.

  • Schedule driven –  Completion dates matter – to you and to us.  Ensuring that our team meets your schedule is one of our top priorities, because we know how much depends on an accurate move-in date.


Provident’s staff and skill bandwidth is second to none in our industry. Our 9 Project Managers and 20 Superintendents have the experience and the expertise that count on a construction site.  We match each Project Manager and Superintendent specifically to each project, relying on their capabilities and talents, proven on previous similar projects.

Provident’s ownership takes a personal interest in each project, reviewing progress and remaining connected to crucial details.  Their weekly on-site overviews deliver a balanced, objective perspective allied with an experienced eye to identify and solve potential issues efficiently.  This attention to detail is one of the characteristics that set Provident apart, and contributes to our consistent success.


Our ultimate goal?  To create a work environment where all shareholders are successful – resulting in a final product that delivers extraordinary value.  With a 70% repeat client base, we know this relationship-driven approach is our greatest strength – and our clients’ greatest advantage.